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Language Day 2019

Languages Day was a great success this year! Piñatas, plays, poems and performances were all part of the fun organised by the MFL Department.

Year 6 started off with the piñata, which was great fun. After a while, we had managed to take off its head but were very unlucky not to get any sweets; but Mrs Del Arco gave us each a bag of Haribos, which was nice of her. We then went on to the plays, which were very funny and at some points made you laugh out loud, especially when we got invited up on to the stage to play a part. For Goldilocks, three people were invited onto the stage to help, which was very, very funny.

At break we were able to buy pain au chocolat and the money raised was going towards a local charity called PACE, that helps educate children with sensory motor disorders. We also had our Mexican themed lunch of fajitas before going out for lunch break.

In the afternoon, the student plays and poems were performed and really impressed the judges. The plays were in Latin and the Year 5 play, the Three Little Pigs was amazing and left everyone impressed at how well they had all learnt all the lines in such a short space of time. The next one was a Year 6 play and they performed Little Red Riding Hood, still in Latin and they were equally amazing (I was a wasp in the play!) The judges announced the winners of the poems and to end our Languages Day we had to parade in our colourful costumes.

‘Languages Day is a fantastic experience for the Prep boys not only because of the piñatas, plays and pain au chocolat, but because it is a fantastic, hands-on way of getting them to embrace other cultures and languages.’
eñora Del Arco

By Henry in Year 6