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Extracurricular Opportunities

Thorpe has amazing extracurricular opportunities. There is a jam-packed club programme, with everything from Magic club to Trampolining.  There is also a fantastic residential programme that boys will remember for many years to come. These are: 

Ski trip: The boys have gone to France and Italy recently, this a normally 30-40 strong party that always gets rave reviews. 

Futsal tour: Sports tours have now been part of Thorpe’s school life for many years. They are very popular and we have recently stayed in the elite player development centre in Lens. 

Year 6 Activity Week: All boys in Year 6 get the chance to go an activity week. This is normally Monday to Friday and every day is action-packed. Surfing, climbing, high ropes, skateboarding and many more activities take place. 

Year 7 Mystery weekend: Early in Year 7, all boys go on potentially their first step to DofE where they camp at school and do some mystery activities. 

Year 8 Night in the capital: London is an amazing city, we are so close to it and we take the boys there for a night on the HMS Belfast and an amazing London show! 

Extracurricular Opportunities