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Middle School Welcome

Meet the Head of Middle School

As a school educating boys, I recognise the importance of tailoring their learning to them as individuals. Throughout the Middle School, boys are actively encouraged to be happy to make mistakes as part of their learning journey. If each boy can acknowledge their own strengths, weaknesses and steps to improve, then this will allow them to take ownership of their learning. This is done through an outstanding academic provision from staff which is supported by monitoring of individual progress on a daily basis. 

Boys are also encouraged to engage with the performance areas of the school. Thorpe has a proud history of finding boys' niche; Whether boys are outstanding footballers, cello players, actors, want a kick around, try an instrument or help with performance, Thorpe provides an opportunity for all. Nothing makes me prouder as Head of Middle School to see boys flourish in these areas of the curriculum. 

Inside the classroom, Thorpe has a proven track record of getting outstanding results at GCSE and across National Baseline testing. Across the years of the Middle School boys' progress is tracked continually with time given to push every boy’s school skillset: Writing, Recall, Class Contribution, Pupil Presentation and Curiosity to Learn. 

Outside of the school, boys are given opportunities to make memories that will last a lifetime. All Year groups are given regular day trips and drop-down days from the curriculum. There are also residential trips to activity weeks, sports tours across Europe and worldwide ski trips.

Alongside all of these elements, Thorpe is known locally for its outstanding pastoral care. All pupils are known as individuals, personalities and learners. Thorpe Middle School is a truly unique family feel school experience. I would love the opportunity to show you what we have to offer on a school tour.

Joe Brawn, Head of Middle School

Thorpe House School