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We understand that our boys learn best when they feel unthreatened and valued; when they are known and respected as the wonderful individuals they are; where each boy is encouraged to express his opinions in a creative and exciting learning environment.

Expectations in both attitude to study and to discipline are very high at Thorpe House. The boys appreciate that access to study is better when one is organized and ready to learn. Through the Lower School it is our role to prepare the boys for life in the Middle School and beyond, laying the strongest foundations for the future. To enable this, Form Teachers are vital in supporting and guiding the boys to become independent self-starters. Integral to this, leadership, teamwork and adaptability are nurtured in the boys through opportunities within the curriculum and through extra-curricular prospects. Boys are taught that ‘failure’, by definition, means ‘not achieving success’; but it is part of a process. Boys are encouraged to ‘fail forwards’ through evaluating, adapting and then persevering, when success does not come straightaway. We guide the boys to recognize such events as major opportunities for growth and personal development. Failure is a vital part of success.

Vibrant, innovative and inspirational teaching provides a wealth of challenging and exciting lessons, brimming with learning opportunities for every boy. High calibre, specialist and passionate teachers ensure rich language and communication from Receptionl right the way to Year 5 and beyond. Boys are strongly encouraged to work together and negotiate on independent and creative projects; guided and supported by the teachers, but allowing the boys the independence to have access to ‘the driving wheel’ and the direction of their development.

We call it ‘Child-initiated Learning’ in Early Years (Reception); which transforms into ‘Individual Learning’ as they grow. Thus, every boy in our care is known, understood, challenged, supported and expected to be excited about school and the profusion of individual learning opportunities in every lesson of every single day.

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Pupils move sensibly and calmly around the school, displaying courtesy and politeness, to adults and peers. They understand the need to listen and focus in lessons to enhance their learning, demonstrating understanding that working together in groups can result in enhanced achievement. (ISI 2019)