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<span>Pastoral Care</span>

Pastoral Care

At the heart of our school's triumph is the exceptional level of pastoral care we provide. When a student feels valued, respected, and content within the school environment, success naturally follows both inside and outside the classroom.
Our unwavering commitment to superior pastoral care is embedded in the school ethos, emphasising the significance of treating each boy with a sense of security, ensuring they feel integral to the broader school community. This approach not only fosters a conducive learning environment but also cultivates independence of thought.

A pivotal element in achieving this commitment is our small class sizes. These intentionally crafted settings empower teachers with the time and energy to establish profound connections with the students. This fosters a climate of confidence, enabling the students to openly approach staff with any concerns they may encounter.

Our school maintains an open-door policy for parents, actively encouraging direct communication with staff or Head of Department to address any issues, whether related to home or school. Weekly 'students' meetings provide a structured platform for staff to voice concerns and collaboratively explore ways to support individual boys.

Timetabled PSHE (personal, social, and health education) lessons further reinforce our commitment to addressing adolescent challenges and preparing the boys for their roles as valued community members. The strength of teacher-pupil relationships ensures that boys feel secure in discussing any issues that may be affecting them emotionally.

In the spirit of shared responsibility, our boys actively contribute to pastoral care in various leadership roles, such as House Captains, Prefects, School Councilors, Form Captains, and Mentors. Selected based on maturity, approachability, and leadership skills, these individuals play a vital role in creating a sense of unity within the Thorpe family, making every student feel an integral part of our community.
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<span>Pastoral Care</span>
Tooled Up

Tooled Up Education We aim to provide holistic support to everyone in our school community, across all areas of family life, which is why our school subscribes to a digital platform called: Tooled Up Education. This gives our families and our staff privileged access to a digital library, packed full of evidence-based tips, activities, educational webinars and enlightening podcasts, on all matters relating to mental health, aspiration, learning, digital life and family life.

As a ‘Tooled Up’ parent, you will:

  • Feel extremely supported on your parenting journey.
  • Be able to ask questions about any aspect of your child’s development and get evidence-based answers.
  • Be able to request resources, webinars, attend online talks, and feel part of a community of parents committed to doing what is optimal for their children.

Register your account now:
Click on the link below to set up your personal account by entering your email address and our unique school PIN number. We have sent you a registration email containing our unique school PIN. If you can’t find it, please contact the school office.

Create my Tooled Up Account

Once you have created your account, you will have immediate access to the entire library of research-based resources, which will help you to support your child in their journey into early adulthood and beyond. You can view all the resources on your phone as well