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Admissions Welcome

Joining the Thorpe House family

We believe that every child at Thorpe House should be happy and achieve their best. We work closely with parents to be sure of our ability to meet the educational and pastoral needs of each child. We welcome all prospective enquiries and would be delighted to hear from you.

Once you have received a prospectus, we would encourage you to visit the school for yourself and see the opportunities Thorpe House has to offer.

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I don’t want stars or rockets; I want every boy here to have his chance of showing his little light to help the world

Edward Thring

Lower School Admissions

Entry point is age 4 for Reception onwards. Boys are invited to come into Lower School in the October prior to entry for an informal social assessment. The purpose of the assessment is as much for the boy to get a feel for the school as for the school to get a feel for the boy.

In the summer term prior to entry, the Reception class teachers visit the new Reception intake either at their homes or their pre-school setting (if they attend one), before all the new intake (Reception – Year 2) come to a taster/moving-up session to familiarise themselves with the school and their new teachers and classmates. During the summer term prior to entry there is also a ‘meet the teacher’ event for parents, when teachers talk about the forthcoming year, the curriculum and the ‘New Parent Information’ pack is given out.


Middle School Admissions

The main entry point to the Middle School is age 11 (Year 7). The entry assessment is not competitive, and similar to the Lower School assessment comprises of a basic check of skills in English, mathematics and science.

In the summer term before entry, boys attend a ‘taster day’ to familiarise themselves with the Middle School before the start of the autumn term in September.


20th November 2021- Assessement for entry for September 2022

If you would like your son to take part in the the assessment please complete the registration form, click here


Upper School Admissions

Main entry point is age 13 (Year 9). An entry assessment is required which comprises of a basic check of skills in English, mathematics and science. We will invite them in for a taster day to familarise themselves with the school before starting in the Autumn term. 

School Admission Contacts

If you have any questions about the admissions procedure or our waiting lists, Mrs Tyler, our Registrar will be happy to discuss them with you and can be contacted on 01753 882 474 or [email protected].


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