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Middle School Curriculum

It is here that the boys really start to make big strides in their academic career. Unlike many schools we have incorporated Year 6 into our Middle School, this is to give the boys challenge and to upskill them across all areas of the curriculum which results in a good grounding for those important GCSE years.

We cover the Key stage 3 curriculum but take this much further from the start of Year 6 allowing time for the all-important development of skills and allowing us time to delve deeper into the subject matter rather than teaching to exams. In addition to the usual curriculum we have dedicated time for choir and are developing outreach projects into the community so the boys can have a greater understanding of the needs of the world around us. There also continues to be an emphasis on creative subjects to enable the boys to make a considered choice of what they really enjoy when choosing GCSE subjects. Finally PE and games play a very important role in the development of our boys and we offer a substantial amount of time to ensure a healthy body, healthy mind approach to daily life.

Please review our curriculum further by clicking on the many subjects available.