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<span>Sixth Form Life</span>

Sixth Form Life

It's Your Life. It's Our Experiences.

Life in the Sixth Form is different:- greater independence, freedom and responsibility, off-site privileges, and a more relaxed dress code, whilst still providing a structured and inspirational environment for you to excel in your studies. We commit to providing you with an environment that encourages intellectual curiosity, fosters creativity, drives leadership, promotes freedom and responsibility, and fuels ambition. 

Our state-of-the-art facilities, modern resources, and innovative teaching are all geared towards maximising your potential and realising it. Our highly regarded reputation has been built on the care for each student as a unique individual, and the addition of the new Sixth Form will enhance this even further. 

Our Head of Sixth Form, Mr McCallion will lead on the advice, guidance and support for all Sixth Form students, but there will also be administrative and pastoral staff on hand at the Sixth Form Centre at Westminster House. Whether it be some help with an application, discussion around balancing school, home, and work life or some advice around more personal matters, our dedicated staff will be available for you and your families to contact, whenever the need may arise.



Our personalised induction programme for Year 12s will ensure that each student is prepared and ready for a successful Sixth Form experience and will foster crucial relationships with the teachers and support staff that make Thorpe such a special place to work and learn.

We will invest the time in you, so that you feel fully empowered and ready to embrace the years ahead of engaging learning, and exciting opportunities.

So, September will be more than just a new timetable and meeting new classmates and teachers, but an unmissable opportunity to see how students can get the most out of their Thorpe experience.


Westminster House on Gerrards Cross High Street (pending planning permission) is the prestigious location for our Sixth Form. This architecturally impressive building, centrally located in the community, will serve as the ideal space, conveniently close to our main site on Oval Way yet distinct in its identity. 

Additionally, our newly constructed purpose-built Science labs on the main school site are ready for use. Science students at the main site will also have access to separate common room facilities in Heywood House, fostering independence for Sixth Formers, regardless of where their lessons are that day.

Independent Study

Working beyond the classroom is integral to your academic growth, and success in your A-Levels and BTECs, and Thorpe will provide the learning environment, resources and guidance needed for effective independent study. 

In Year 12, quiet and communal spaces are available for focused individual work, and collaborative tasks, providing the optimum learning experience. Year 13 will enjoy enhanced privileges, and after their lessons for the day have finished, they will be able to choose to study from home, with parental consent.


Common Room

During your free periods, take time to relax and recharge in the common room. You can meet with the Head of Sixth Form or staff, socialise with friends, read, or listen to music privately. Kitchen facilities are available for hot drinks and snacks, keeping you energised for studies and activities. Remember, with privileges come responsibilities; students are accountable for maintaining the Common Room, honing essential skills in a shared space.


Off-site privileges

Whilst meals will still be available from the canteen on the main site, our central location to Gerrards Cross and the privileges afforded to our Sixth Formers mean that grabbing a bite to eat for lunch from one of the High Street’s numerous eateries will be possible for all students up to date with their studies. This extra level of trust and privilege is a great asset to Thorpe House Sixth Form, bringing you greater choice and freedom. We have built partnerships with local organisations as well, for instance offering discounted gym memberships which Sixth Formers can use during the school day.

Social Events

Whilst academic excellence and exams are important, we also want you to find time to relax, build lasting friendships, make memories and focus on your wellbeing. Life at Thorpe House Sixth Form will be busy, varied and rewarding, with social events, residential trips and charity fundraising, as well as whole school events to get involved in.


We expect the highest standards from all our Sixth Formers. You will be role models for younger students and show responsibility and independence to your teachers and across our community. We will see this in high standards of appearance, commitment to studies, respect, and a “can-do” attitude. We expect that each student will do their individual best in their classrooms, science laboratories, sports fields, when walking between sites or on the way to and from school.

Dress Code

In our Sixth Form, students have the option to choose between two dress codes: Professional attire or Business Casual. Professional attire includes wearing a suit, while Business Casual involves smart trousers / skirt and a shirt or blouse, or a dress. By providing these options, we aim to instil a sense of professionalism and personal choice, allowing students to dress comfortably while maintaining a standard of smart and appropriate appearance in the school environment.