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It's your Time. It's our Commitment.

Life is more than just academics, and whilst you will be pushed to achieve your very best in them, our co-educational environment thrives on opportunity and activities outside the classroom. You will engage in a myriad of extra-curricular activities that reflect your passions, boost your emotional well-being, and develop life skills that will serve you well beyond the walls of our Sixth Form Centre. Whether these interests are in the Arts, Sport, the world of work, or developing your social, emotional and life skills, Thorpe House Sixth Form is the best place to embrace the freedom to tailor these opportunities to your personality and needs.


In addition to educational excursions related to specific subjects, we will coordinate programmes like "Safe Drive Stay Alive!" aimed at educating young drivers about responsible driving, and visits to London and other destinations for cultural and sporting experiences. Students will also have the chance to establish, manage, and engage in various clubs and societies during lunch breaks or after school, either on the school premises, catering to lower school students or exclusively for Sixth Formers, or off-site activities like gym sessions. Moreover, we can accommodate activities within the school timetable. For instance, if you wish to gain work experience with younger children in a school or attend driving lessons, we can carve out time during school hours to facilitate these opportunities.


As Sixth Formers, you will be role models and leaders. This is a position of privilege combined with responsibility. We are proud of the skills, charisma and conduct of our students already at Thorpe, and we know that all our students in the Sixth Form will benefit from further coaching in how to be responsible, caring and invested leaders. We will work with businesses of local, national and international regard to help you adopt those traits of successful leaders that will help you to thrive in both your personal and working lives.

Student Voice

We value your input and encourage your active participation in shaping Thorpe House Sixth Form. Starting from September 2024, there will be regular formal meetings with staff, including Mr. McCallion, and opportunities for informal discussions where you can voice concerns or suggestions. We believe in teamwork, involving both students and families, in ensuring the best experience for everyone. Your opinions matter in driving positive change and improvement within the Sixth Form community.

Furthermore, all applicants will have the opportunity to discuss the provisions and resources put in place for September 2024.

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

The EPQ will add breadth to your qualifications, and showcase skills to universities and employers. You will have the opportunity to research and present in an area of personal interest to gain a formal qualification that is highly regarded, showing off transferable skills such as independence, effective time-management, thinking skills, research and evaluation.

Life Skills

As our Sixth Formers move up from Year 11, we recognise the significance of this developmental phase in their lives. We are committed to equipping all our students with essential tools and skills for both success and happiness.. Whilst the outstanding teaching, facilities and resources enhance your qualifications and applications, we also focus on nurturing life skills. These encompass softer skills such as relationship building, communication, creative and critical thinking as well as developing more practical abilities such as household budgeting, understanding different bank accounts and credit, meal planning, cooking and laundry. Importantly, we will have the flexibility in our sessions allowing us to address any needs arising with particular groups of students or following particular events. This means you can request further guidance on any areas you would find beneficial.

Thorpe Graduate Programme

A crucial part of any young adult’s development is to learn how to “make a difference”. At Thorpe House Sixth Form, we will provide you with the inspiration, encouragement and means to make this a reality. We want you to be part of shaping exactly how this looks for the first years of your Sixth Form. In doing so, we will reward and recognise students’ commitment and contribution in the following areas:

●      Academic progress and achievement

●      Service: to both the school and the community

●      Extra-curricular engagement

●      Leadership

●      Communication skills

●      Organisation

●      External accreditation

●      Resilience

●      Embracing new experiences

●      Initiative


By developing in these areas, you will take advantage of the opportunities that are in place for you both here and further afield. And for parents, families and the school, we can be proud that our loved ones will begin their journey into the adult world as well-rounded individuals, ready to make a difference in their chosen fields.