The waiting list is now open for September 2019 Year 7 entry with limited places available in other year groups.

Entry points for Thorpe House are generally at ages 3, 4, 7, 11 and at every entry point places are allocated according to position on the waiting list subject to passing an entry assessment.


The waiting list is in order of registrations received so we strongly recommended parents return a registration form (with the non-refundable £100 registration fee) at the earliest opportunity should they wish their son to be considered for entry, as many year group lists fill up more than two years before entry.

Once a place has been offered, parents confirm acceptance by payment of a deposit of £750 which is held by the school and refunded against the boy’s final bill when he leaves.

If you are a school that has been asked to give a reference for Year 7 entry in September 2019 please click the button below.


Pre-Prep department admissions

Entry points are generally age 3 for Thorpe Explorers and age 4 for Reception. There are 16 places available in Thorpe Explorers and boys are only eligible to join if they have reached their third birthday by 1st September in the year of entry.

At age 4 a further 16 boys are admitted and we form two Reception classes of 18 boys. Boys not already at Thorpe House are asked to come into Pre-Prep in the October prior to entry for an informal social assessment. The purpose of the assessment is as much for the boy to get a feel for the school as for the school to get a feel for the boy.

In the summer term prior to entry, the Reception and Thorpe Explorers class teachers visit the new intake either at their homes or their pre-school setting (if they attend one), before all the new intake (Thorpe Explorer – Year 2) come to a taster/moving-up session to familiarise themselves with the school and their new teachers and classmates. During the summer term prior to entry there is also a meet the teacher event for parents, when teachers talk about the forthcoming year, the curriculum and the new parent information pack is given out.

At the end of Year 2, all pupils are given the opportunity to transfer to the Prep Department at Year 3.


Prep department admissions

The main entry point to the Prep Department is age 7 (Year 3) and the majority of places are taken up by boys transferring from Pre-Prep.

Places do become available to boys from other schools and the school office will be able to give you information with regards to specific years of entry.

The entry assessment is not competitive and takes the form of a basic check of skills in English, mathematics and reading.   In the summer term before entry, boys are invited to a ‘taster day’ during which they get to know their classmates and teachers before the start of the autumn term.


Senior Department admissions

The main entry point to the Senior Department is age 11 (Year 7). The entry assessment is not competitive, and similar to the Prep assessment comprises of a basic check of skills in English, mathematics and science.

In the summer term before entry, boys attend a ‘taster day’ to familiarise themselves with the Senior Department before the start of the autumn term in September.

If you have any questions about the admissions procedure or our waiting lists, Mrs Tyler, our Registrar will be happy to discuss them with you and can be contacted on 01753 882 474 or

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