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Year 9 Music

The GCSE course is divided into three sections; composing (30%), performing (30%) and listening (40%). During the composition section of the course, boys build up their skills through various simple set assignments during the first years. Then they choose and develop two of these further for final submission. Performances at GCSE level are expected to be around Grade 4 level. The listening part of the exam is a formal written paper sat in the summer of the second year and draws upon everything learned during lessons. The topics for this are very wide ranging so cater for musicians from every background whether classical or pop.


Thorpe House Voices
Thorpe House Orchestra
Theory Club


We have one dedicated music room equipped with whole class sets of Yamaha electronic keyboards, ukuleles and African drums, one computer room for teaching composition using Sibelius notation software and four practice rooms equipped with full size keyboards and electric drums.

Autumn Term

GCSE Introduction / Understanding Music

  • Elements of Music
  • Score reading
  • Sibelius introduction
  • Developing listening skills
  • Solo and ensemble performance

Spring Term

Wider listening / Skill building

  • AOS2: Vocal Music
  • AOS3: Music for Stage and Screen
  • Solo and ensemble performance

Summer Term

Wider listening / Skill building

  • AOS1: Instrumental Music 1700-1820
  • AOS4: Fusions
  • Solo and ensemble performance