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Year 9 Geography

The geography department aim to nurture and develop student curiosity, interest and enjoyment in the world around them. We encourage students to have open, enquiring minds and to perceive geography in the context of a wider body of knowledge, vocabulary and skills and to provide a sound basis for lifelong study and the pursuit of personal interest. The teaching methods and resources allow all pupils to gain an experience of the world both in and out of lessons. Fieldwork is an essential part of allowing students to cultivate a sense of location, a knowledge of places, respect for differing cultures and an empathy with people in our own and other societies. Within lessons students are encouraged to develop an understanding of the significance of the actions and different attitudes of individuals and groups who use, manage and make decisions about their physical, economic, social, political, and cultural environments and how these environments interact and affect the landscape. 

Fundamentally, this subject allows students to appreciate that the world is dynamic and is therefore an integral part of a broad and balanced education.


Fieldwork opportunities in Years 5 – 8 provide the chance for students to recall knowledge in both a familiar and an unfamiliar context. It also allows students to build a wider geographical knowledge in preparation for their Paper 3 at GCSE. At GCSE students investigate two contrasting environments.


We have a designated teaching classroom. Our lessons are taught by specialists and they will lead the fieldwork visits.

Autumn Term

Urban Issues and Challenges

Urban areas across the globe
Rio de Janeiro
Where do people live in the UK?
Sustainable urban development

Spring Term

Ecosystems: Tropical Rainforest and Hot Deserts

Global biomes
Small scale ecosystems
Characteristics of tropical rainforests
Sustainable management of tropical rainforests
Characteristics of hot deserts
Thar Desert
Causes of desertification
Reducing desertification
The Physical Landscapes and Coasts
The UK’s relief and landscapes
Wave types and characteristics
Weathering and mass movement
Erosion processes and landforms
Depositional landforms
Managing the coastline

Summer Term

The Physical Landscapes and Rivers

Changes in rivers and their valleys
River processes
Erosional and depositional landforms
The River Tees
Flood risk
Flood management