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Year 9 French

Year 9 French curriculum is angled towards the introduction of the course and its structure to help the boys understand not only what is required of them during the course, but also how to achieve their goals. We will be focusing on revising already acquired vocabulary and grammar in order to consolidate their knowledge from Year 7 and Year 8. We will be focusing mainly on Theme 1 (Identity and Culture) to achieve this. All work in class is underpinned with exposure to the target language and cultural examples from the francophone world. Teaching and learning are evenly distributed over the four key skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking. Boys will be frequently assessed against the GCSE mark scheme and all work done in class will be referenced with its key requirements to ensure their success in the Year 11 examination.


Senior School Languages Day
Cross-curricular links (geography, history, RS)


The French room is equipped with mini iPads often used in lessons, as well as a range of textbooks, original texts in French (such as comic books, short stories, picture books), dictionaries, a variety of target language DVDs to aid exposure to native speakers and cultural understanding of French speaking countries, as well as engaging wall displays to aid in-class learning and spontaneous use of the target language.

Autumn Term

KS3 Revision
Theme 1 – Identity and Culture
U1: Family and friends
Reflexive verbs
Adjectival agreement
Talking about future plans and getting married
Married vs. being single
Direct object pronouns
The immediate future and the future tense
Theme 1 – Identity and Culture
U2: Social media & Technology
Present tense of common irregular verbs
Pronouns (moi, toi, lui, elle)
The subjunctive in detail

Spring Term

Theme 1 – Identity and Culture
U3: Free-time activities
Describing free-time activities in the past
Revision of the past tenses
Talking about leisure and hobbies
Talking about different cuisines and eating out
Sports and extreme sports
Complex negatives
Demonstrative pronouns

Summer Term

Theme 1 – Identity and Culture
U4: Festivals and Celebrations
Talking about how to celebrate
Discussing traditions
International Festivals
Describing an event
Reflexives in the perfect tense
Perfect and imperfect tense

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