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Year 9 Biology

We consider biology to be a fundamentally essential subject in the understanding of the world around us. Biology teaches us about ourselves and the world we live in including what we need to protect and preserve not only our life but the life of all organisms living on planet Earth.  Lessons are taught with a practical bias looking at finding out why things happen, allowing the boys to discover for themselves but then backing this up with the theory to gain a complete understanding of each of the topic areas covered.


We have a bespoke Biology laboratory. Our lessons are practically based with specialist teachers of each of the science disciplines.

Autumn Term

Key concepts in Biology:

Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells
Specialised cells
Enzyme action
Effect of temperature, pH and concentration on enzyme action
Importance of enzymes

Spring Term

Cells and control:

Stages of mitosis
Importance of mitosis
Growth in organisms
Stem and meristem cells
The brain
Investigating brain function
Neurones and the nervous system
The reflex arc
The eye
Problems with the eye

Summer Term

Health and disease:

Communicable and non-communicable disease
Common infections
How pathogens are spread
Lifecycle of a virus  STIs spread and prevention
Plant defences
Human physical and chemical defencesSpecific immune system
Use of aseptic techniques
Production and use of monoclonal antibodies
Cardiovascular disease and cancer
Effect of lifestyle on non-communicable diseases
Treatments of cardiovascular disease