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Year 8 Spanish

We consider Spanish to be an essential subject in the current worldwide environment. Spanish is useful to communicate with others in different countries, will open university entries and will develop students’ thinking skills as it does broaden your mind thinking. We do cover the four skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing in a wide range of topics.


Workshops, school trips



Room 8, Language room with useful displays to refer the learning

Autumn Term

Module 1 

Mis vacaciones:

  • Holiday in the past tense

  • Opinions in past tense

  • Combining present and past tenses together

Saying what you did in one of your holidays

Using the preterit tense


Listening and Speaking  

Module 2

Todo sobre mi vida:

  • My mobile and uses

  • Type of music

  • Opinions 

  • Comparatives 

  • Use of present and past tenses

Saying what your tastes in cinema, TV shows and music are.

Giving opinions in the past.


Reading and Writing


Spring Term

Módulo 3 

A comer:

  • Food and drinks

  • Mealtimes 

  • Negatives

  • Ordering a meal

  • Buying ítems for a party using future tense

  • Combining 3 verb tenses together

  • Opinions on subjects


Listening and Speaking

Módulo 4

¿Qué hacemos?:

  • Arranging to go out

  • Excuses 

  • Reflexive vers 

  • Clothes and getting ready to go out

Saying what your food habits are.

Making plans with your friends.

Using the conditional tense.


Reading and Writing


Summer Term

Módulo 5  

Operación verano:

  • Holiday homes/destinations 

  • Holiday activities 

  • Superlatives 

  • Directions 

  • Imperatives 

  • Combining 3 verb tenses together


Listening and Speaking    Revision of all Yr 8 topics


End of Year assessments