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Religious Studies

Year 8 Religious Studies

Boys in Year 8 follow a study programme that deals with religion and life issues covering contemporary religious, philosophical, moral and ethical topics.


Religious Studies club.


A designated class room that is Religious Studies orientated and fully resourced for adequate and quality teaching and learning.

Autumn Term

Religion and animal rights

  • Relationship between humans and animals

  • Should animals have right?

  • Use and abuse of animals

  • Religious beliefs about animals

Spring Term

Religion and planet earth, prejudice and discriminatin

  • The origin of life 

  • Planet earth and Stewardship

  • Pollution and climate change

  • Religious response to the environmental issues 

  • What is prejudice and discrimination?

  • Types of prejudice

  • Religious attitudes to prejudice and discrimination

  • Responses to prejudice and discrimination

Summer Term

Religion, peace and conflict, religion and early life.  

  • Causes of war, terrorism and conflict

  • Peace, pacifism, sanctity of life and justice

  • Just war and holy war

  • Weapons of mass destruction 

  • Religious attitudes to war, peace, conflict

  • Keeping the peace

  • When does life begin?

  • Quality of life versus sanctity of life

  • Abortion and euthanasia 

  • Religious teachings to real life