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Year 8 History

The study of History in the Middle School aims to achieve two main objectives; firstly to give students the ability to understand the human experience through time at a local, national and international level in order to explain why the modern world is as it is. Secondly to provide its students with important skills such as source analysis, thinking critically and writing descriptively; skills which can be used at a cross curricular level.


Trip to IWM

Battlefields trip

Autumn Term

Period Study: Industry and Empire 1750-1900

The Industrial Revolution

Working lives of men, women and children

Peterloo massacre 1819

Colonisation of Australia

Victorian family life

Spring Term

Period Study: Understanding the Modern World

Road to First World War

Impact of the First World War on people’s lives

Life and death on the Western Front

Life on the home front

Case study: How should we remember Churchill?

Life during the Blitz

Case study: The Holocaust

The quest for equal rights

The 9/11 attacks and their consequences

Summer Term

Thematic study: Migration to Britain through time

Early migration 450-1066

Late Medieval Period migration 1066-1500

Early Modern migration 1500-1700

Industrial period migration 1700-1900

Modern migration 1900-present