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Year 8 French

Year 8 French focuses mainly on expressing opinions and supporting those with reasons on a variety of cultural topics. In terms of grammar, we are introducing the perfect tense in order to give the boys the ability to finish the year with a confident knowledge of three time frames (past, present and future), which is one of the requirements of a GCSE pass grade. At the same time, we will be focusing on encouraging the boys to consider French as their GCSE option by introducing interesting topics and stressing the importance of speaking a foreign language in later life. All work in class is underpinned with exposure to the target language and cultural examples from the francophone world. Teaching and learning are evenly distributed over the four key skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking.


Senior School Languages Day
Film Project – Les aventures extraordinaires d’Adele Blanc Sec
Cross-curricular links (maths, geography, history)


The French room is equipped with mini iPads often used in lessons, as well as a range of textbooks, original texts in French (such as comic books, short stories, picture books), dictionaries, a variety of target language DVDs to aid exposure to native speakers and cultural understanding of French speaking countries, as well as engaging wall displays to aid in-class learning and spontaneous use of the target language.

Autumn Term

Temps libre
Free time, tv, going out
Perfect tense in detail
Giving opinions with c’était
24hour clock
Voyages et vacances
Countries and languages
Talking about holidays
Re-cap of the perfect tense

Spring Term

Les copains
Talking about friends, pocket money, gadgets
Using 3 time frames
Intro to the conditional mood 
French jokes 
History of the French Revolution

Summer Term

Ça t’intéresse? 
Talking about books, cinema, music
Describing what you’ve read and what you watched
Writing a review (opinions and reasons)
French cinema/television