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Year 7 Spanish

We consider Spanish to be an essential subject in the current worldwide environment. Spanish is useful to communicate with others in different countries, will open university entries and will develop students’ thinking skills as it does broaden your mind thinking. We do cover the four skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing in a wide range of topics.


Workshops, school trips



Spanish taught in a fully displayed colourful classroom where students can refer to the learning displays and have access to the different material.

Autumn Term

Module 1 

Mi vida: 

  • Introductions

  • Family members

  • Pets 

  • Character descriptions


Listening and Speaking

Module 2

 Mi tiempo libre:

  • Hobbies 

  • Sports 

  • Weather 

  • Opinions on hobbies


Reading and Writing


Spring Term

Módulo 3 

Mi insti:

  • School subjects

  • School description

  • Opinions on subjects


Listening and Speaking

Módulo 4

Mi familia y mis amigos:

  • Family members

  • Physical descriptions

  • The place where you live


Reading and Writing

Summer Term

Módulo 5  

Mi ciudad:

  • Your town 

  • The time

  • What you do in your town

  • What you are going to do the weekend using future tense


Listening and Speaking

    Revision of all Yr 7 topics



Listening, Reading and Writing