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Religious Studies

Year 7 Religious Studies

Boys in Year 7 study significant topics in the Old Testament that link with Abrahamic religions and other main religions such. Topics such as the creation Story, the Ten Commandments, the nature of humanity and the fall and scientific theories of creation. Boys also study great stories about Adam and Eve, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and the parables of Jesus. The programme of study also covers topics on contemporary moral and ethical issues such as crime and punishment, law and order, human rights,  children’s right and the environment.


Religious Studies club.


A designated class room that is Religious Studies orientated and fully resourced for adequate and quality teaching and learning.

Autumn Term

  • The creation theories

  • Science versus religion (scientific truth and religious truth)

  • Stewardship

Spring Term

  • Stewardship and the environment. 

  • Nature of humanity and the fall.

  • Consequences 

  • Stories about Abraham and Moses.

  • The Ten Commandments.

Summer Term

  • Law, crime and punishment

  • Law and human rights

  • Children’s rights

  • Prejudice and discrimination

  • Jesus and the parables of Jesus