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Year 7 Mathematics

Mathematics equips pupils with a powerful set of tools to understand and change the world. These tools include logical reasoning, problem solving skills and the ability to think in abstract ways. Thorpe House School Mathematics Department will provide for every boy an opportunity to benefit from mathematical experiences, which will help them acquire the skills and understanding required for other subjects studied and in everyday life. It reflects the essential part that mathematics plays in education.


Year 7 students will have the opportunity to go to Wembley stadium and complete a fantasy football maths challenge in the Learning Zone, which is a state-of-the-art educational facility based inside the National stadium.

Students will also have the opportunity to compete in the UK Junior Maths Challenge (UKMT).


Our Mathematics classroom has been designed with large white boards around the room to encourage student’s enthusiasm about maths in a more practical way. Laptops and Ipads are used on a regular basis to enhance student’s understanding of each topic.

Autumn Term

1 Number

1.1 Calculations
1.2 Divisibility and division
1.3 Calculating with negative integers
1.4 Powers and roots
1.5 Powers, roots and brackets
1.6 Multiples and factors

2 Area and volume

2.1 Area of a triangle
2.2 Area of a parallelogram and trapezium
2.3 Volume of cubes and cuboids
2.4 2D representations of 3D solids
2.5 Surface area of cubes and cuboids
2.6 Measures

3 Statistics, graphs and charts

3.1 Pie charts
3.2 Using tables
3.3 Stem and leaf diagrams
3.4 Comparing data
3.5 Scatter graphs
3.6 Misleading graphs

4 Expressions and equations

4.1 Algebraic powers
4.2 Expressions and brackets
4.3 Factorising expressions
4.4 One-step equations
4.5 Two-step equations
4.6 The balancing method

Spring Term

5 Real-life graphs

5.1 Conversion graphs
5.2 Distance-time graphs
5.3 Line graphs
5.4 More line graphs
5.5 Real-life graphs
5.6 Curved graphs

6 Decimals and ratio

6.1 Ordering decimals and rounding
6.2 Place-value calculations
6.3 Calculations with decimals
6.4 Ratio and proportion with decimals

7 Lines and angles

7.1 Quadrilaterals
7.2 Alternate angles and proof
7.3 Angles in parallel lines
7.4 Exterior and interior angles
7.5 Solving geometric problems

Summer Term

8 Calculating with fractions

8.1 Ordering fractions
8.2 Adding and subtracting fractions
8.3 Multiplying fractions
8.4 Dividing fractions
8.5 Calculating with mixed numbers

9 Straight-line graphs

9.1 Direct proportion on graphs
9.2 Gradients
9.3 Equations of straight lines

10 Percentages, decimals and fractions

10.1 Fractions and decimals
10.2 Equivalent proportions
10.3 Writing percentages
10.4 Percentages of amounts

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