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Year 7 History

The study of History in the Middle School aims to achieve two main objectives; firstly to give students the ability to understand the human experience through time at a local, national and international level in order to explain why the modern world is as it is. Secondly to provide its students with important skills such as source analysis, thinking critically and writing descriptively; skills which can be used at a cross curricular level.


Cross-curricular opportunities with English department to study Shakespearean theatres.

Trip to Hampton Court Palace

Autumn Term

Period Study: The Changing World 1450-1750

The renaissance

15th/16th century exploration and effect

The reformation

Case study: The life of King Henry VIII

Site study: Hampton Court Palace

Elizabethan England, wealth, culture and exploration

Spring Term

Period Study: The Changing World 1450-1750

Case study: The English civil war

The road to war, battles, military progress and outcomes

Consequences of the Civil War

Summer Term

Thematic study: Sugar, Empire & Slavery through time.

The spread of sugar 1100-1500

Transatlantic sugar trade 1500-1800

Human impact of the sugar trade

The sugar crisis

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