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Year 7 French

Year 7 French curriculum focuses on re-visiting basic language acquired in Years 3-6, recycling familiar vocabulary and establishing a solid foundation for more complex grammatical studies, such as an introduction of the simple future tense and modal verbs to express wishes. All work in class is underpinned with exposure to the target language and cultural examples from the francophone world. Teaching and learning are evenly distributed over the four key skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking.


Senior School Languages Day
Film Project – Ratatouille
Cross-curricular links (maths, geography, history)


The French room is equipped with mini iPads often used in lessons, as well as a range of textbooks, original texts in French (such as comic books, short stories, picture books), dictionaries, a variety of target language DVDs to aid exposure to native speakers and cultural understanding of French speaking countries, as well as engaging wall displays to aid in-class learning and spontaneous use of the target language.

Autumn Term

Famille et domicile
Re-cap KS2 topics 
Talking about families, jobs people do, where people live
Describing the weather
Describing a typical day
French culture quiz
Simple future tense (aller + infinitive)

Spring Term

Les sorties
Invitations, verbs voloir and pouvoir
Clothes (revision of colours and adjectival agreements)
Shopping, prices and comparative adjectives (revision of numbers)
La cité de l’Europe

Summer Term

Manger et boire
Food and drink
French meals
Partitive article 
Shopping for food
Higher numbers
French regional culinary specialities