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Year 7 English

English is the foundation stone of our lives - we are “the articulate mammal.” We thrive because we are able to share ideas, ideals and information.  From complex concepts to simple expressions of affection – words form the basis of our lives. Their importance is self-evident.  Our lesson programme allows us to explore how we can communicate effectively via a wide range of contexts and forms. We do that through exploring a range of texts, from Shakespeare to Science Fiction, the diversity of which broaden our understanding of, not just core English skills, but also of the richness of the world around us.




Teaching takes place in dedicated classrooms, which have access to a whiteboard for use of audio-visual and dynamic lesson delivery.

Autumn Term

Grammar Unit - “Alter Ego” 

In this unit we explore the idea of the “split self” -  including the notion of superhero secret identities.

So what do we do?

  • We explore the idea of personality and adapting to our surroundings.

  • We explore how writers make their pieces exciting and engaging to read – focus on how writers use grammar to create pace and tension.

  • Students invent their own superhero alter ego and design.


Novel study - “Stone Cold”

An exciting tale of teen homelessness and murder!

What do we do?

We will investigate issues surrounding homelessness in the United Kingdom. We explore the text and investigate a range of writing conventions and skills.   

  • We write a series of imaginative pieces exploring issues and ideas based on the novel.

  • Non- fiction writing - We use diary, news articles and journal writing to investigate the issues.

  • Fiction Writing – we write imaginative pieces to explore ideas and concepts appropriate to the novel.

  • We Investigate “The Big Issue” -  Non Fiction focus – Writing to Argue and Persuade and Article form.

Spring Term

Shakespearian study – Twelfth Night

The boys’ explore the rich world of Shakespeare and respond creativity and analytically to the text.

Some of the exciting tasks they encounter are:

  • Dramatic performances in role. 

  • Analysing language and literary techniques in specific scenes.

  • Creative and Transactional Responses Writing -  Letter / News article / Essay.

  • Exploring specific scenes and writing / performing “in character.”

  • Looking at staging and set design. Looking at costume and general design to see how it helps the realisation of the play and its characters.

Grammar unit - News 

Understand the world of journalism and investigate how newspaper are created and how journalists use key techniques to engage and influence the reader’s opinion.

Some of the tasks boys do:

  • Looking at how news is produced, and what makes it “news.”

  • Looking at the way newspapers are designed and written. Beware of BIAS!

  • Creating a video newscast or podcast based on a current event.

  • Writing a news article, arguing your point of view. 

Summer Term

Grammar Unit - Dystopian Fiction

To explore the idea of ‘utopia’ and ‘dystopia’ and explore the features of a dystopian narrative.

What do we do?

  • We write a variety of creative responses  including letter, news article and journal.

  • Explore some really great examples of dystopian fiction and investigate how writers use grammatical features to make them really exciting and interesting.

  • Design a dystopian device and sell it via a DRAGONS DEN activity.


Poetry Unit

The overall aim of the unit is to help students tackle a range of poetry, dealing with a diverse range of topics.

The key is to explore the methods used by poets to convey key ideas and concepts through their poetry.

We also undertake a range of creative responses to [poems, including visual media and writing our own poetry.

Poems studied.

  • City Jungle  - Pie Corbett

  • The world is a beautiful place - Lawrence Ferlinghetti

  • Do not go gentle into that good night - Dylan Thomas

  • Sea Timeless Song - Grace Nichols

  • Hitcher - Simon Armitage

  • August 6, 1945 - Alison Fell

  • Invasion -Choman Hardi

  • Nettles - Vernon Scannell