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Religious Studies

Year 6 Religious Studies

Year 6 study and examine different aspects of the six main world religions. Their study range from religious beliefs, worship and places of worship to religious communities, rituals, traditions, rite of passage and the differences and similarities between various religions. They also examine, from an objective and comparative points of view, leadership in religion, need and essence of religion, learning from and about religion.


Religious Studies club.


A designated class room that is Religious Studies orientated and fully resourced for adequate and quality teaching and learning.

Autumn Term

Faith, belief and opinion

  • To understand the differences

  • To examine how faith, belief and opinion can shape how people think and behave

  • To learn the significance of faith and belief in religion.

  • Theist, atheist and agnostic.

Spring Term

  • Key religious beliefs of the six main religions

  • Religious symbols of the six main religions

  • Religious worship and places of worship (differences and similarities

Summer Term

  • Religious holy books of the six main religions

  • Significance of holy books to believers.

  • Communities and religious communities.

  • Rite of passage, rituals and tradition

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