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Year 6 History

The study of History in the Middle School aims to achieve two main objectives; firstly to give students the ability to understand the human experience through time at a local, national and international level in order to explain why the modern world is as it is. Secondly to provide its students with important skills such as source analysis, thinking critically and writing descriptively; skills which can be used at a cross curricular level.


Trip to London to visit a range of historical sites.

Possible cross-curricular opportunities to link with Geography looking at use of water in the landscape.

Autumn Term

Thematic Study - Water and health through time 700BC - 1900AD

Iron Age Britain 700BC-AD43

Roman Britain AD43-AD410

Medieval Britain 400-1450

Early Modern Britain 1450-1750

Industrialised Britain 1750-1850

Spring Term

Period study - Understanding the medieval world 1000-1450

The Norman Conquest of England

Understanding the Crusades

The life and achievements of Edward I

Life for medieval people

Case study: the effect of the Black Death 1348

Summer Term

Thematic study – London through time

Roman London AD43-400

Medieval London 400-1450

Early Modern London 1450-1750

‘Victorian’ London 1750-1900

London since 1900

The effect of the Blitz 1940-41