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Year 6 English

English is the foundation stone of our lives - we are “the articulate mammal.” We thrive because we are able to share ideas, ideals and information.  From complex concepts to simple expressions of affection – words form the basis of our lives. Their importance is self-evident. Our pre and post 11 plus lesson programme allows us to explore how we can communicate effectively via a wide range of contexts and forms.




Teaching takes place in dedicated classrooms, which have access to a whiteboard for use of audio-visual and dynamic lesson delivery.

Autumn Term

Literature Unit - “War Horse”

To engage in literary exploration of a novel and to explore some of the contextual and historical issues around WW1.

We explore a range of grammatical and literary features and think about how they shape the authors writing.

For instance

  • Understand that writers use the opening of their story to grab the reader’s interest.

  • Understand how to authors  use vivid descriptions to really make their pieces effective 

  • Understand how to start sentences in a range of ways to create variety, pace, drama or emphasis in your writing.

  • Write some creative responses to the text 

The overall aim of the unit is to improve their understanding of written expression, and to fire their imagination.

Poetry and biography / autobiography and biography

Students have an exciting time exploring a variety of classic poems, for example “The Walrus and The Carpenter.” They undertake a range of creative and analytical tasks in this regard. 

For example

  • They use drama and role play to explore meaning and tone.

  • Look at how poets use a variety of techniques to convey ideas.

  • They write their own poems.

For autobiography / biography, students use a variety of stimuli to engage the students and understand the conventions of the genre. 

The students will:

  • Read a variety of autobiography material

  • Understand how writers convey their ideas and feelings.

  • Students will create their own biographical and autobiographical pieces. 

Spring Term

Novel “Stormbreaker”

The boys engage in a varied unit which uses the novel “Stormbreaker” to help refines and enhances the boys’ grasp of form and improves their own writing skills. 

In this unit students will:

  • Read the novel

  • Understand characterisation.

  • Respond analytically and creatively to the text and create their very own exciting story and characters along the way.

Literacy Unit – Shakespeare

The boys briefly explore a Shakespearean text and respond creativity and analytically to the text.

Some of the exciting tasks they encounter are:

  • Dramatic performances in role. 

  • Analysing language and literary techniques in specific scenes. Exploring key themes in the text and to think how these link to contextual issues in Shakespeare’s time. This begins to establish the core skills for GCSE English literature examination skills.

  • Creative and other responses to the text focus on writing skill. . 

  • Exploring specific scenes and writing / performing in response to ideas and issues.

Summer Term

Novel study – “The Giver”

This unit uses the novel “The Giver” to explore the idea of a utopian society and to enable the students to study the way in which writers use language and grammar to convey ideas and create specific effects.

Some tasks the students will encounter:

  • Asking ourselves what is utopia? Exploring the key aspects which make a utopian society.

  • Responding to the technical methods used by the novelist to effectively create tone, pace and character.

  • To think carefully about the issues raised and to reflect on the idea how certain societies function.

  • Students will write an essay on the wider ideas around utopia and dystopian societies.