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Year 6 Drama

“We must all do drama to find out who we are and discover who we could be” – Augusto Boal

Drama is central to the cultural life at Thorpe House School, with pupils in all year groups given the chance to perform, be involved as a stage technician or as a member of the audience. We believe that Drama supports the learning of all students across all aspects of the curriculum and provides our boys with essential life skills they can utilise in school and beyond. 

Lessons are taught practically, allowing boys to experiment, explore and work together to create performances and understand texts. Whilst it is important that the students do improve and hone their performance skills we place a lot of emphasis on the students developing skills for life, our main five being; Creativity, Communication, Empathy, Independence and Confidence. Theoretical work is designed to both support and extend the practical side of the subject and develop the boy’s ability to analyse and evaluate their work and that of others.


Drama is taught by a specialist teacher  in our hall. All classes benefit from a full lighting rig and sound equipment.

Autumn Term

Greek Theatre:

Mythology - Oedipus & The Sphinx
Tragedy _ Antigone
Comedy - The Frogs


Comedia Del Arte:

History & Style
Modern Influence of Commedia
Il Dottore

Spring Term


Intro to Shakespeare’s Life & Times
Research Project & Presentation
Iambic Pentameter
Scripts - Page to Stage for Public Performance

Summer Term


Hand Puppets - Socks & Lip Syncing
Body Puppets
Junk Puppets
Newspaper Puppets - War Horse Link
Bunraku Puppets
Shadow Puppets - Grimm Fairy Tale Link