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Year 5 Science

This core subject enables the boys to investigate and understand the world around them. Everything we know about the universe is a result of scientific research and experimentation. Human progress and development throughout history has been enabled largely on advances in science. The boys enjoy the hands-on and theoretical aspects of this exciting subject. Working Walls around the school increase their motivation to observe science in motion. In addition to an increase in their knowledge base, the study of science enables development in questioning, gathering data, organising and testing theories, solving problems and applying learning to situations.  Thorpe House science is a key element of our offering, from Lower School right through.

In Year 5 the pupils enter the exciting world of the Junior Science Lab, where they are introduced to the scientific equipment that they will be learning to use throughout the year, acquiring new skills and seeing how they can be applied in real life situations.

Autumn Term

  • Everyday materials, how they are used and why 

  • Thermal conductors and insulators 

  • Cost effectiveness 

  • Absorbency tests 

  • Separation techniques 

  • Dissolving

Spring Term

  • Introduction to forces 

  • Resistant forces 

  • Earth, Sun and Moon 

  • Phases of the Moon 

  • Day and night 

  • The seasons

Summer Term

  • Gestation periods 

  • Life cycles of plants and animals 

  • Investigations into germination 

  • Puberty 

  • Longevity comparing animals and humans