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Year 5 Maths

Autumn Term

This term students will be practising their mental and written calculation skills in all four operations. Other topics include: 

Place Value and number work: ordering numbers up to one million. 

Measures: drawing and measuring lines to the nearest mm; area and perimeter of rectilinear shapes; using a protractor to measure angles; calculating angles on a straight line; classification of triangles. 

Calculation Skills; multiplication using partitioning, division by a single digit including rounding; accurate use of a calculator and estimation.

Fractions; representation on a number line. 

Handling data: pictograms and bar charts. 

Spring Term

In mathematics we continue to build skills and cover the main topics of:

Rotational Symmetry,





Data Handling,

3D shapes & nets,


Summer Term

Negative numbers; count through zero

Place value in 6-digit numbers

Identify and write Roman numerals

Place value in 3 place decimals

Compare and use 3 place decimals

Begin to understand percentages

Subtract decimal numbers by counting up

Add & subtract fractions with denominators

Multiply fractions by whole numbers

Mental multiplication & division

Problems with multiples, factors and scaling

Division problems with short division

Grid, short and long multiplication

Solve long multiplication problems

Mental addition & subtraction strategies revision

Column add, whole / decimal numbers

Choose subtraction method: column / counting up

24-hr timetables; calculate time intervals

Draw line graphs and conversion graphs

Concept of rate

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