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Year 5 History

The discovery of the world we live in, past, present and future. The boys learn about their place in the universe and the wonders of Planet Earth and its people. Vocabulary is rich and enables connections with English speaking, reading and writing. The boys utilise the rich resources in the Lower School Library and use Google for independent research, realising the wealth of knowledge and information at their fingertips; the seeds of areas of interest for their future lives are sown.

Autumn Term

Ancient Greece

  • Religion & Home life

  • Trade & Empire

  • Buildings & Architecture

  • Democracy & Olympics

Spring Term


  • Religion & Home life

  • Raiding Britain

  • Settling and Farming

  • Conflicts with Anglo-Saxons

Summer Term

Shang Dynasty

  • Religion & Home life

  • Farming

  • Writing systems

  • Significant figures