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Year 5 French

Year 5 French curriculum focuses on the transition from words into sentences and sentences into paragraphs both in speech and writing. Boys will have gained confidence in their vocabulary during their previous-learning and this will be revised and build-upon this year. Apart from a variety of vocabulary-based topics, the boys will start conjugating a range of verbs to talk about others as well as themselves. Boys will cover a range of topics supported with cultural understanding of target language countries. In the summer term, the boys will take part in the annual Prep Languages Day, which is a long-standing school tradition and a great celebration of languages and cultures.


Prep School Languages Day
Learning about French comic books
Cross-curricular links (maths, geography, history)


The French room is equipped with mini iPads often used in lessons, as well as a range of textbooks, original texts in French (such as comic books, short stories, picture books), dictionaries, a variety of target language DVDs to aid exposure to native speakers and cultural understanding of French speaking countries, as well as engaging wall displays to aid in-class learning and spontaneous use of the target language.

Autumn Term

C’est parti!
Meeting people and introductions

Pronouns je / tu
School objects
Definite/indefinite articles
The alphabet
Numbers 1-50
Saying when your birthday is
Talking about the classroom
Revision of colours and adjectival agreement

Spring Term

Famille et copains
Talking about brothers and sisters
The verb avoir
Talking about family
Possessive adjectives (mon/ma/mes)
Talking about pets
Regular and irregular plurals
Describing yourself and others
Talking about hair and eyes
French comic books

Summer Term

Chez moi
Talking about where people live
The verb habiter  in 1st person singular
Describing your home
Describing your bedroom
Talking about what you do in the evening
Telling the time
The French language across the world