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Art and DT

Year 5 Art and DT

Art enables the joy of self-expression and the benefits of learning new skills. Year 4 will immerse themselves in projects which will embrace the study of famous artists and the interpretation of these artists’ styles. Through the use of many mediums, the boys will learn to look more closely at detail, including this in their own work; they will include empathy within their art, understanding the connection between their ideas and the messages they portray, developing an open mindedness in their own character. 

The boys will learn that art is a form of storytelling and that their projects can carry non-verbal messages. Projects enable a ‘Power of Yet’ attitude to learning, as the boys will inevitably encounter problems along the way, which will need to be solved. A belief in themselves and a respect for the efforts and interpretations of their peers will promote an understanding of links throughout learning, throughout topics and in so many aspects of the world around them. Art develops children incredibly, since it allows them to express themselves, to grow in confidence, to develop empathy and to see the world from different perspectives.  Studying art empowers the boys to be passionate and creative learners. 


The subject is taught by the Head of Design Technology in the school’s DT Workshop. Each pupil has access to the equipment such as a selection of machine tools as well as hand tools within their practical lessons.  They are also provided with access to laptops that allow access the various software used within the DT curriculum that assists in various design tasks as well as programming of integrated circuits.

Autumn Term

  • Colours, shades and describing / naming these

  • Drawing and shading

  • Project encompassing drawing, shading, pastels, cutting skills, repeating patterns, watercolours to blend and graduate

  • Clay bead jewellery illustrating shades from dark to light


Building a Air Racer which uses alternative energies

Spring Term

  • Still life observational drawings

  • Life cycle inspired paintings and drawings

  • Drawing facial expressions; using photography to research and copy 

  • Whittling in the forest and sculpting faces in wood


Making an electric circuit including a variable ligh

Summer Term

  • Studying pictures of modes of transport and researching shape and form

  • Drawing from a selection of vehicles, from rockets to hovercraft

  • Design own vehicle and draw it from different angles


Constructing a hovercraft with its own fan to power it