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Religious Studies

Year 4 Religious Studies

Religious Education embraces respect for and interest in all religions and beliefs. A Christian school with a diverse community, we are rich in connections and are able to celebrate the many religious festivals and stories, making the boys’ learning meaningful. With an emphasis on spirituality and personal wellbeing, the boys recognise RE as a positive, global and valuable subject area.

Autumn Term


Stories from different religions


-Recognise the morals of a variety of religious stories

- Compare creation stories across a range of religions

- Recognise how stories link into a variety of festivals

Spring Term

Religious festivals


- Recognise how stories link into a variety of festivals

- To recognise the customs related to different religious festivals

- To appreciate the importance of festivals to the people who practise them

Summer Term

Religious buildings


  • To recognise the features of different religious buildings

  • To understand what can be found within religious buildings and their purpose

  • To understand what takes place in a variety of religious buildings