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Year 4 Maths

Autumn Term

We are consolidating the work taught in Year 3 and developing further skills including the 4 rules. Boys will be honing their times table and mental calculation skills with regular weekly games and tests. We start the term with place value and number work which includes reading, writing and ordering 4 digit numbers. Other topics include: 

Fractions — finding fractions of amounts. Introducing the relationship between tenths and decimal.

 Measure - Reading the time to nearest minute on digital and analogue clocks and calculating intervals of time; reading scales and converting grams to kilograms and millilitres to litres.

Addition and subtraction- written column methods 

Multiplication—grid method for a 2 or 3 digit number by a single digit.

Handling data—Drawing bar charts and interpreting information.

Spring Term

In mathematics this term we will continue to develop mental calculation skills and consolidate written methods. Topics include:

· Perimeter

· Symmetry and angles

· Positive and negative numbers

· Multiplying and dividing with decimal numbers

· Bar graphs

· The 24 Hour clock

· Problem solving and reasoning, including money problems

· Simplifying fractions

Summer Term

During this term we continue to build our knowledge of mathematical concepts taught throughout the year. In addition to this we will cover the topics of: 

  • 2D and 3D shapes 
  • Bar charts and line graphs 
  • Plotting co-ordinates including drawing polygons 
  • Using numbers with up to 2 decimal places in a variety of operations 
  • Written multiplication and division 
  • Recognising and writing Roman numerals