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Year 4 History

The discovery of the world we live in, past, present and future. The boys learn about their place in the universe and the wonders of Planet Earth and its people. Vocabulary is rich and enables connections with English speaking, reading and writing. The boys utilise the rich resources in the Lower School Library and use Google for independent research, realising the wealth of knowledge and information at their fingertips; the seeds of areas of interest for their future lives are sown.

Autumn Term

Roman Britain


  • Understand the reasons people settle in new countries

  • Compare the lifestyles of the Celts and Romans living in Britain

  • Understand the way the Roman army functions and evaluate its effectiveness

  • Look into the life of Boudicca and assess her importance as a historical figure

  • To understand how Roman roads were made and their importance

  • To understand the role of Hadrian's wall

  • To translate Roman numerals 

Spring Term


Roman Britain


  • To understand the features of Roman life such as homes, food and baths and entertainment

  • To analyse how Roman Britain impacts on our lives today




  • To analyse the reasons that the Angles, Saxons and Jutes came to Britain

  • To understand the lifestyle and roles of people within an Anglo-Saxon village

Summer Term




  • To recognise what was found and its importance at the Sutton Hoo site

  • To research the religious beliefs of the Anglo-Saxons

  • To recognise the laws within Anglo-Saxon society

  • To read and translate Anglo-Saxon rules

  • To research Alfred the Great as a historical figure