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Year 4 Geography

Autumn Term



  • To learn the features of a river

  • To understand processes rivers undergo over time

  • To recognise and identify the worlds best known and largest rivers

  • To recognise the dangers associated with rivers

  • To recognise why rivers are relied on

Spring Term

The environment


  • To understand how the environment around us changes over time.

  • To recognise different types of pollution

  • To understand the impact humans have on their environment and the changes they can make to improve it




  • To recognise the needs of a settlement

  • To recognise how UK settlements got their names

  • To recognise OS symbols 

  • To use a map to obtain information and plan a route

Summer Term

Food from around the world


  • To use research to recognise where different foods come from

  • To learn the process by which simple foods reach our plate

  • To understand how land is used for farming within the UK

  • To research different cultural dishes