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Year 3 Science

Autumn Term

Food and Our Bodies: 

The boys learn how we get nutrition from food and the effects different foods can have on our bodies. They will focus on different parts of the human body including the skeleton and muscles. 


The boys will learn about magnets and their uses and the properties of magnets and magnetic materials.

Spring Term


Helping plants to grow well, where we will plant some of our own seeds / bulbs and look at the factors that affect them.



Looking at soils as well as how rocks are formed and this will be enriched by a workshop at Mop End where this topic will be reinforced.

Summer Term

Light sources

Looking at reflections

Bouncing and reflecting

Shadow shapes


Understanding what a force is

To identify the forces needed to move different toys

To observe how changing the amount of force affects how toy cars move on flat surfaces

To plan an investigation and ensure it is a fair test


Revision of prior knowledge of plants.

What plants need in order to grow well.

To make careful observations and measurements of plants growing 

To use simple apparatus to measure the height of plants in standard measures

To know what it means by a fair test

To use prediction

That plants need leaves in order to grow well

To understand how worms can help plants.

That plants need water, warmth, light, air, soil, but not unlimited amounts of each for healthy growth 

To use simple apparatus to measure a volume of water correctly 

To use simple apparatus to measure the height of the plant

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We continue to invite parents to come and visit Thorpe House School whilst we operate a phased return for our pupils. Our Admissions team is available to answer any questions you may have about joining the school and the Headmaster would be delighted to give you a tour of the site. Please contact our Registrar on [email protected] to arrange a chat or visit.