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Year 3 Maths

Boys work through the inclusive Abacus Scheme, which follows the National Curriculum, pushing boys to ‘Mastery’ level as and when they are ready. Throughout the year, in each term, the boys develop their skills in the four rules of number; shape, space and measure. Number and place value; problem solving, reasoning and algebra; mental addition and subtraction; fractions, ratio and proportion; mental multiplication and division; geometry position and direction; and measurement skills are used in progressive and various forms throughout the year, culminating in use and application to merge these topics and skills, all of which are visited and revisited throughout the year.

Autumn Term

  • Multiples , number bonds, addition, subtraction

  • Place value - counting and comparing

  • Multiplication and division; times tables, doubling and halving

  • Calendar

  • Time: analogue and digital

  • 3D shapes

  • Estimation, partitioning and fractions

  • Length and capacity

  • Consolidate and assess

Spring Term

  • Addition and subtraction, multiplication and division

  • Place value

  • Fractions of shapes and amounts

  • Right angles, 2D shapes and perimeter

  • Money - subtracting from £5 and £10

  • Vertical calculations and partitioning

  • Consolidate and assess

Summer Term

  • Addition and subtraction of fractions

  • Understanding inverse

  • Multiplication grid method

  • Bar charts and pictograms

  • Weights in grams and kgs

  • Mental strategies, reasoning, trial and improvement to solve number problems 

  • Angles and symmetry

  • The 24 hour clock

  • Equivalent fractions

  • Consolidate and assess