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Year 3

As the boys move into Key Stage 2, the onus on maintaining high-quality and well-paced academic work is emphasised. The boys are expected to wear their blazers at all times, and this encourages them to take that step ‘up’ in school. The curriculum becomes more complex and boys are encouraged to realise and maximise their potential. The need to be a self-starter and an organised learner is more pronounced, as the ‘infant’ years are left behind. The curriculum remains balanced, challenging and exciting, with plenty of opportunities for performance and music. Information Computer Technology has a raised profile this year too, with Accelerated Reader, TT Rockstars and Century Tech all playing important roles in exciting the boys, differentiating, encouraging and tracking the progress of every boy in our care. The Year 3s rise to the challenge and enjoy their status above the ‘Pre-Preps’ while at the start of the Key Stage 2 journey.