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Year 2 Science

This core subject enables the boys to investigate and understand the world around them. Everything we know about the universe is a result of scientific research and experimentation. Human progress and development throughout history has been enabled largely on advances in science. The boys enjoy the hands-on and theoretical aspects of this exciting subject. Working Walls around the school increase their motivation to observe science in motion. In addition to an increase in their knowledge base, the study of science enables development in questioning, gathering data, organising and testing theories, solving problems and applying learning to situations.  Thorpe House science is a key element of our offering, from Lower School right through.


The discovery of the world we live in, past, present and future. The boys learn about their place in the universe and the wonders of Planet Earth and its people. Vocabulary is rich and enables connections with English speaking, reading and writing. The boys utilise the rich resources in the Lower School Library and use Google for independent research, realising the wealth of knowledge and information at their fingertips; the seeds of areas of interest for their future lives are sown.

Autumn Term

Living Things

  • Habitats

    • Forest, school buildings, playground, pond, around the world

  • Living things

    • Minibeasts

    • Aquatic pond dwellers

    • Categories and sorting

    • Larger animals

Go Wild’ and ‘Heros and Heroines

  • Maps, British Isles, Continents, Capital Cities

  • Tudor Explorers and Space Travel & Boys’ Own Exploration

  • Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole

  • Remembrance Day


Spring Term


  • Use of materials

  • Common and less known

  • properties

  • Changing shape

  • Investigative work on changes in state and what causes change

  • Can the material return to the first state?

Robots & Recycling’ and ‘Our Amazing World

The Industrial Revolution

Plastic: Past, Present and Future

Bletchley Park & the Code Breakers

Robots We Know and Into the Future


Summer Term


  • Feeding and exercise

    • Healthy diet / food pyramid

    • Heart rate

  • Growing plants

    • Fair test 

    • What plants need

    • Checking out plants and trees in the wild


  • Countries within and Colonialism: learn the map of Africa

  • Daily life and cultures compare and contrast

  • A Brief History of ‘The Slave Trade’

  • Famous Africans: Nelson Mandela; Kingsley Holgate