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Year 2 Science

Autumn Term

Find out about the basic needs of animals, including humans

Know where basic foods originate, classify and begin to understand food chains, the importance of exercise, a balanced diet and hygiene

We will also study materials and develop scientific skills and use of scientific language

Spring Term

Learn the differences between living things, things that once lived and things that have never lived

Learn how to compare, contrast and classify living things

Compare different stages of growth of a variety of living things

Learn how humans can change over time

Discover a variety of life cycles

Summer Term

Habitats of living things – animals and plants

Designing habitats

Rainforests; woodland, micro-habitats

Deforestation and its impact on habitats

Minibeasts and microhabitats

Data handling

Identify, name and classify plants and animals



Worm hunt

Seeds and bulbs & how they grow

Investigations, including growing a bean plant


Life cycles of fruit – from seed to fruit – to seed

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