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Year 2 Music

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.’ (Plato).

Music provides wonderful opportunities for collaborative projects, self-expression and performance. The boys learn how to compose, with a focus on rhythm and pitch. This subject is well-loved at Lower School where the foundations are set for a life-long appreciation of music and the expression and wellbeing it brings. The boys are taught by a specialist music teacher who liaises with Form and subject teachers to enable cross-curricular opportunities whenever possible, allowing stronger connections across the boys’ learning journey..

Autumn Term

  • John Adams:

  • “Short Ride in a fast car.” 

  • Recorders

  • Nativity

  • Music Express 2:

    • Pulse & Rhythm

    • Exploring PItch

Spring Term

  • Space Topic:

  •  Mars, Venus & Jupiter

  • Rhythm vs. Pulse

  • Dynamic change

  • Villa-Lobos “Little train of Caipira”

  • Recorder

Summer Term

  • Hans Zimmer:

    • “Earth”

  • Beat Boxing, pulse, repeated rhythms 

  • Recorders

  • Famous Painting Soundscapes

  • Songs for Performance

  • Recorders