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Year 2 Maths

Autumn Term

Count on or back in tens, twos, threes and fives

Solve word problems and number puzzles

Partition two digit numbers

§  Know addition and subtraction facts for each number up to ten

§  Recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 2, 5 and 10 times table

§  Know pairs of numbers that make twenty

Understand that addition can be done in any order

Explore properties of 2D and 3D shapes

Process, present and interpret data

Use standard units of measure and read a scale

Find coin totals and solve money problems

Add or subtract two digit numbers to and from a two digit number

Maths homework will be sent home on Thursdays 

Spring Term

Partition and combine numbers

Problem solve using numbers, money and shape and explain solutions using mathematical language

Describe and extend number sequences and patterns

Add and subtract two or three numbers mentally using a variety of strategies

Understand and use place value in calculations

Calculate the value of an unknown e.g. ? x 2 = 8, what number is divided by 5 is 3?

Know multiplication facts for 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables and apply them to problem solving

Develop their understanding and use of multiplication and division

Identify common 2D and 3D shapes, orientate, sort and describe 

Identify reflective symmetry

Use tables and simple diagrams

Use the < and > signs

Begin to use simple fractions. 

Recognise and use whole, half and quarter turns.

Recognise a right angle

Find halves and quarters of numbers

Halve and double numbers to at least 20

Develop their ability to tell the time 

Summer Term


Number facts

Counting to 100 in 1s, 2s, 5s asnd 10s

Identifying patterns in the 100 square

Place value in 2-digit numbers

Order & compare 2-digit numbersAdd & subtract 1-digit and 2-digit numbers, including multiples of 10 and bridging 10

Add any 3 1-digit numbers

Odd and even, and 2-digit

Double numbers to 12 and know their related halves

Fractions: ½ & ¼

Link division and multiplication

Finding ½ of odd numbers

Money: value of all coins and notes; finding change from 10p and 20p


Shape, space and measure:

Compare and measure weights

Read, interpret and make simple block graphs

Read and enter data into tables

Capacity through pouring liquids

Telling the time to the nearest hour, ½ hour, ¼ of an hour, using digital & analogue


Compare and measure length and height

Properties of 2D & 3D shapes, including creating patterns


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