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Year 2 English

Autumn Term

Continue to develop handwriting skills

Learn new spelling patterns and apply them to weekly spelling tests and their own writing. Spelling tests will be given on a Thursday and new spellings will come home on a Friday

Continue to learn to read 'Key Words' using the same system as they did in Year 1

Develop dictionary skills

Produce factual and creative pieces of writing e.g. create a leaflet about Florence Nightingale, describe settings of stories, instruction writing and create alternative versions of traditional tales

Develop punctuation, grammar and comprehension skills through weekly exercises and homework, which will be sent home on a Tuesday

Spring Term

Continue to develop their reading skills with particular focus on comprehension

Continue with weekly spelling tests and phonics lessons

Improve their understanding and use of suffixes, conjunctions, commas in lists, apostrophes and question marks

Continue to develop story writing skills with particular focus on setting description, character, dialogue and plot

Read and create poems with specific focus on alliteration, rhyming couplets and rhythm

Perform poems, speeches and scenes from stories individually, in pairs, small groups and as a class 

Summer Term


Daily reading


Humorous poetry

Riddles, puzzles and jokes, tongue-twisters, limericks

Comprehension to include inference & character study



Grammar & Writing:

Cursive style

Reviewing, editing & up-levelling


Narrative plot

Character development

Letter writing

Adverbs, adjectives

Present and past tenses

1st and 3rd person

Speech bubbles

Direct speech

Captions & headings

Commas for lists

Apostrophes for possession & shortened form



Synonyms for ‘said’

Homonyms and homophones

Compound words

Simile and metaphor



General punctuation

Weekly spelling, dictation & key words

Trigger Popup


We continue to invite parents to come and visit Thorpe House School whilst we operate a phased return for our pupils. Our Admissions team is available to answer any questions you may have about joining the school and the Headmaster would be delighted to give you a tour of the site. Please contact our Registrar on [email protected] to arrange a chat or visit.