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Year 2 Drama

Drama provides the most wonderful opportunities for the boys to move away from their desks and to apply all they have learnt, to simulate real life situations, in the safety and security of a subject which demands creativity, imagination, collaboration, listening and laughter. In the Lower School Hall, the boys understand that this classroom is larger and more flexible, but with the same discipline and importance as required elsewhere in the curriculum. They learn to listen and build upon the ideas of their peers; to work together to create dramatic pieces which express feelings and entertain an interactive audience. They appreciate the use of voice and facial expression, of body-language and timing. 

Lessons include questions for interpretation, games to promote listening, peer support, preparation  for performances in: poetry, playlets, ‘news reporters’, the Christmas Show; assemblies and opportunities to investigate and empathise with topics in history study, literary characters or fictional characters from historical periods. 

Drama is the ‘cherry on the cake’. It develops confidence and self-esteem; it trains the individual to present and promote himself, which can often make all the difference in adult life.

Autumn Term

  • Why are you late - group playlets

  • Dramatising a story book

  • Newsround group activity and performance

  • Christmas show

Spring Term

  • Tableaux

  • Soundscapes

  • Character study of well known story

  • Create own character

Summer Term

  • Mirrors

  • Playlets

  • The Superhero Party

  • Summer show