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Year 2

The boys are always excited to be ‘Top of the Pre-Prep’ and embrace further leadership, looking out for the younger boys and preparing, through the year, to exit Key Stage 1. They are expected to be more organised and self-motivated in their learning. Checking their work and up-levelling it is all-important in Year 2. The boys continue to love Forest School sessions and it gives them a chance to let off steam, explore the natural world and develop their design technology and food technology skills, while addressing development in communication and social skills. Sport becomes even more exciting as the boys represent their school in fixtures against other schools. Their weekly swimming lessons enable them to make exceptional progress. The rich and balanced curriculum in Year 2 is the perfect preparation for their transition into Key Stage 2. Year 2 is a happy and productive year, where the boys become more independent and embrace the importance of personal effort in their learning journey.