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Design Technology

Year 11 Design Technology

Design Technology at Thorpe House School incorporates aspects of Systems and control, Resistant materials, Graphics and Textiles. Within all these areas of study we also have links to physics, science, maths and ICT.  The aim of lessons in Years 5 to 8 is to provide a broad and balanced overview of the subject through a mixture of practical and theoretical tasks, as well as prepare pupils in order to make an informed choice about opting for Design Technology in year 9.

Pupils will be in the final year of their GCSE study and focus on specific subject knowledge and skills in the 4 areas of study that makes design technology. This will serve as a basis for an option choice within the subject to choose and finalise their NEA (non-exam assessed) project to be submitted by May that year.


The subject is taught by the Head of Design Technology in the school’s DT Workshop. Each pupil has access to the equipment such as a selection of machine tools as well as hand tools within their practical lessons.  They are also provided with access to laptops that allow access the various software used within the DT curriculum that assists in various design tasks as well as programming of integrated circuits.  

Autumn Term

Making Principles

Selection of materials and components
Tolerances and allowances
Materials management
Ordering of final Project materials

Finalising chosen task for NEA coursework
Design Ideas
Design Development
Final Design (2DV2 Plan orthographic, 3D version, cutting list and materials ordered)

Spring Term

Making of Product (35hrs max)

Summer Term

Final Yr11 Exam