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Computer Science

Year 11 Computer Science

Computing at Thorpe House School incorporates aspects of coding, computational thinking, digital literacy and information and communications technology.  The aim of lessons in Years 7 and 8 is to provide a broad and balanced overview of the subject through a mixture of practical and theoretical topics, as well as prepare pupils in order to make an informed choice about taking Computer Science which starts in Year 9.

Pupils in the 2019/20 academic year are finishing a legacy qualification.

Pupils from the 2020/21 academic year who have opted to take the subject will follow the Cambridge IGCSE 9-1 Computer Science (0984).


The subject is taught by the Head of Computer Science in the school’s ICT Suite.  Each pupil is provided with a username and password in order to access the school’s network during lessons.  They are also provided with access to Google Classroom which is regularly used for homework/prep.  There are enough computers in the ICT Suite to ensure every pupil has an individual computer to use during lessons.

Autumn Term

Software and Security:

Types of software
Operating systems
High and low-level languages
Keeping data safe
Threats of online data
Online system security

Algorithm Design and Programming:

Data types and arrays

Spring Term

System Design and Databases:

Computer systems
Top-down design
Validation and verification
Designing a database table
Querying a database

Programming Project

Pupils will undertake a programming project, set by the exam board, for which pupils will need to design and develop a solution.  It will also incorporate many aspects of algorithm and system design.  Although this project does not count towards the final mark, there is a section in the Paper 2 exam dedicated to theoretical understanding of the project.

Summer Term

Final revision, including working through past papers and exam techniques