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Year 11 Chemistry

Chemistry helps us to understand fundamental matter, it is essentially the science that helps us to understand all the interactions that happen between atoms, molecules and every substance on EarthLessons are taught with a practical bias looking at finding out why things happen, allowing the boys to discover for themselves but then backing this up with the theory to gain a complete understanding of each of the topic areas covered.


We have a bespoke Chemistry laboratory.  Our lessons are practically based allowing boys to experience the reactions before explaining how these reactions happen. Our Chemistry teachers are highly qualified and have specialisms within several fields of Chemistry.

Autumn Term

Extraction of metals
Reactivity of metals by their reactions with water, acids and salt solutions
Displacement reactions as redox reactions
The reactivity series of metals
Extraction of metals from metal ores
Biological methods of metal extraction – bioleaching and phytoextraction
Corrosion of metals 
Recycling metals
Life cycle assessments
Transition metals
Properties of transition metals
Rusting and the prevention of rusting
Alloys – their properties and uses
Group 1 alkali metals
Group 7 halogens
Group 0 noble gases
Tests for ions (qualitative analysis) 
Testing for cations
Testing for anions
Testing for gases
Flame photometry
Ionic equations 
Organic Chemistry 
carboxylic acids
Polymerisation – addition and condensation
Polymers – natural and synthetic (DNA, proteins, plastics)

Spring Term

Nanoparticles and nanotechnology
Properties and uses of glass and clay ceramics, polymers, composites and metals
Revision of all topics
Review of core practical tasks

Summer Term

Further revision and examination style questions