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Year 11 Biology

We consider biology to be a fundamentally essential subject in the understanding of the world around us. Biology teaches us about ourselves and the world we live in including what we need to protect and preserve not only our life but the life of all organisms living on planet Earth.  Lessons are taught with a practical bias looking at finding out why things happen, allowing the boys to discover for themselves but then backing this up with the theory to gain a complete understanding of each of the topic areas covered.


We have a bespoke Biology laboratory. Our lessons are practically based with specialist teachers of each of the science disciplines.

Autumn Term

Hormonal control

The endocrine system

Hormonal control of the menstrual cycle

Thermoregulation and osmoregulation

Animal co-ordination, control and homeostasis:

The skin and thermoregulation
Vasodilation and vasoconstriction
How glucose concentration is controlled in the blood
Type1 and type 2 homeostasis
Urinary system and formation of urea
Structure and function of the nephron
Role of ADH in osmoregulation
Treatments for kidney disease


Abiotic and biotic factors
Parasitism and mutualism
Fieldwork techniques
Energy transfers through trophic levels and pyramids of biomass
Energy efficiency calculations
Impact of humans on the environment
Factors effecting food security
The carbon cycle
The nitrogen cycle including the roles of bacteria
The water cycle including desalination
Effect of fertilisers, crop rotation and eutrophication
Pollution indicators
Effect of temperature, water content and oxygen on food preservation
Effect of temperature, water content and oxygen on decomposition

Spring Term

Mock examinations
Revision of topics
Review of core practical tasks including:
Investigating biological specimens using microscopes
Investigate the effect of pH on enzyme activity
Use chemical reagents to identify food groups
Investigate osmosis
Investigate the effect of antibiotics on microbial cultures
Investigate the effect of light intensity on photosynthesis
Investigate the rate of respiration on living things
Fieldwork techniques

Summer Term

Further revision and examinations